Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Don Furr Interview (with Mary Nichelson)

Picture It’s been almost a year since we interviewed Don Furr, author of Quest for the Nail Prints. At the time of the interview, he was involved in his media tour for the book and busy with other aspects of promoting it. 

Now, many months later, I wanted to catch up with him and ask how the tour went and what his writing agenda involved. As always, Furr was gracious enough to take time from his busy schedule to discuss his many projects in the works.

MN- The last time we spoke, Quest For The Nail Prints had just been released. How did your book tour, interview circuit and book signings go?

DF- The book tour went very well. Quest has been very well received nationwide and we have sold between 4000 - 5000 copies. That seems to fair well considering I am unknown.

MN- Was there a favorite aspect as it related to promoting Quest that you really enjoyed?

DF- I just enjoyed meeting people all over the country... from several cities in Florida, to Atlanta Georgia, Nashville and Memphis Tennessee to Las Vegas, everyone was very gracious to me and the book was very well received. And the reviewers were so kind with their words. It has truly been an experience I'll not soon forget.

MN- One reviewer wrote, Those that are not "church-types" will enjoy the action and adventure aspect of it.”That would have to make you feel successful as an author; after all, isn’t the goal to write a book that resonates with everyone?

DF- Absolutely. I wanted the book to be appealing to everyone and it seems to have bridged the Christian/secular gap.

MN- I’m curious at to what the reaction has been to your cross themed display.

DF- I'm glad to say that the cross won a gold advertising award with the Memphis Advertising Federation here in February along with the single book stand.

MN- I see you are still working on your version of Back to the Future’s DeLorean. This is more than just a passing hobby, I presume?

DF- Yes it's just a hobby, but it keeps my mind spinning regarding time travel. I was also able to attend a Back to the Future show with my car in Orlando where I met several cast members from the movie, most notably Claudia Wells, who played Marty McFly's girlfriend in the first movie. She is a believer and is reading Quest for a review.

MN- When can readers and fans expect to see the sequel to Quest in print?

DF- Peter's Quest is coming along nicely. I hope to finish it sometime late next year.

You can order your copy of Quest For The Nail Prints at the book's website.

You can stay in touch with author Don Furr on Facebook and his book page

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